Monday, July 16, 2018

A spring fasion shoot.

Nothing like a viburnum bush in full bloom with 'snow in summer' as a perfect backdrop for a fashion shoot. Location - Seattle, my garden.

Always shoot early morning or late evening. Light at this time is more diffused & does not create harsh shadows. This also eliminates the need to use large bounces. Shoot against the light to prevent shadows on faces. Give your models plenty of space. Use a lens hood when the sun's angle is low - this will prevent flare spots in your photos.

Choosing gardens:
1. Shoot in your own garden, if you have one, ideally when all the flowering trees & shrubs are in bloom.
2. If you do not have a garden ask a friend or relative if you can use theirs. Make it worthwhile for them & clean up after the shoot.
3. Find a local park at a time when there are fewer people using it, so no one ends up photobombing your shoot.
4. Book a scenic Airbnb where your host knows you will have models & possibly an assistant participating. Be respectful of people's private property & always make sure you only use the areas agreed upon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A day in the house of Carole.

Carole King is the editor of the Heart Home magazine that features very cool decor & lifestyle ideas.
I visited Carole's beautiful, warm home on a cool but sunny day in October to shoot a day in her life. Her place is full of the most evocative collectibles gathered from her travels across the globe including a welded hog that stole my heart. She has a pretty pear tree & the most cosy patio with heavenly light.