Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mid fall. Alexandria 2007.

The small apartment in Alexandria, VA, that we chose to move into in early 2006 satisfied 2 very important criteria. It got direct sunlight (important after 2 years in a North facing flat) and we could see trees from the windows (important after 2 years in a North facing flat surrounded by woods). In fact the tree outside our balcony was so close that many toys the kids from the floor below threw at it, stayed there. The only things I don't miss about that place were those kids and their chain smoking mother.
    Right. Where were we. The tree. It looked gorgeous in fall. The already warm sunlight that streamed through it in at sunset turned a richer gold by the time it hit our living room walls and flooded our endorphin deprived brains. I loved that tree.
    One fall evening, when it was too cold to go shooting on the streets, I stepped out onto the balcony and got the images above. One was back lit & the other was barely side lit.
     Out here (in Cambridge, UK) all we see is the block of flats opposite us and the windows in which students dry their underwear. And this flat faces North. Suburban America never looked so good.

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