Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saraswati bai

Saraswati bai is a masseuse who travels long hours from her village home to Pune city to massage women clients. She supports an aged husband & 2 grand children. Her massages are often accompanied by folk tales and songs upon request. She speaks Marathi & Hindi & understands basic English. She trained at the Urali Kanchan Ayurvedic center, where my mother discovered her close to 17 years ago. She makes a weekly appearance at my mother's place for an hourly massage.

Her massages are 'desi' & old school ayurvedic & she structures them for each of her clients' individual needs. Some of her clients have been women athletes who need a deeper tissue massage & some who are recovering from strokes & injuries and need a lighter hand. She's also great with new moms & moms-to-be.
She's one of the best masseuses I've ever known. I can hear her village, her people and life in the songs she sings for me.

She does not provide massages for men but is aware of male masseuses who can travel to Pune. 

Saraswati bai is able to travel to pretty much any place in Pune for an at-home massage appointment. 
She needs a day's notice, your phone number and an accurate address. She is available to answer calls regarding appointments & pricing at her cell phone which is 839 079 6495.
Please be respectful when you call :)

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